4 Reasons Why 2020 Is The Year For a New Website

Despite struggles introduced in 2020, this is an enticing year for a new business website. (Picture by Dan Burton – Unsplash)

The first year of the next decade is halfway gone, and it’s been a tumultuous one for many business owners.

To make matters worse, you may even be struggling with an old website that doesn’t get the job done anymore. Here are four reasons why this is the time to make the upgrade.

1. Matching the Pace of the News

Many business websites allow for periodic content updates. You are able to add blog posts, pictures, and other forms of basic content to your website – but sometimes this isn’t enough.

Your business may have gone through some major changes during this pandemic. A structural overhaul of your website may be necessary to reflect those changes to your customers. This virus is changing the way that small businesses operate, and we need fast and modern sites to keep up with the changes.

The most important thing we can do is assure our safety protocols are available to our customers as soon as they land on our websites. This is the kind of information people are looking for right now.

Modern web technology is far beyond where it was just five years ago. (Picture by Carlos Muza – Unsplash)

2. Web Technology Has Reached a Tipping Point

For small businesses, the past decade has seen one piece of web technology rise above the rest: WordPress. This tool has made it much easier for developers to create things like the admin dashboard you may use to manage your site.

WordPress is still an important part of small business website development, but its role is rapidly changing. Instead of an all-in-one place for website management, WordPress is finding itself in a backseat role that allows it to act as an “engine” for content updates. There are many benefits to adopting this new methodology.

In 2020, we can also say that it’s worthwhile to explore other options if your business is heavily into Ecommerce. Shopify has risen to the status of undisputed champion in this area. Unless you have a very specific reason to avoid Shopify, this has become a wonderful platform for getting up and running with Ecommerce.

3. Standing Out From Competitors

As an extension of the previous point, many of these new web technologies are tailored towards doing one thing very well: creating a better experience for your customers.

Many business owners that I’ve spoken with have been unaware of how things like load speed and user experience play into the mindset of customers. One surefire way to separate your business from competitors is to do all these things better than anyone else. Unfortunately, if you’re relying on “last-generation” technology, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to pull this off.

In 2020, simplicity sells. People are no longer enthralled by seeing video content playing in the background on your homepage. People are all too excited to forego the slideshow of stock images if it means that they can click an “Order” or “Contact” button with less hassle.

Instagram is the new king of the Social Media Mountain for Small Businesses. (Picture by Pratik Gupta – Unsplash)

4. The New Wave of Social Media

Business websites and social media have always played nicely together. This is still the case, but a new strategy is required to achieve the same results that were possible with basic Facebook marketing in 2015. We can thank market saturation for this phenomenon.

Social media is something that most business owners I know of hate talking about. It’s something that everyone knows is useful, but no one understands how to leverage it. The good news is that, in some ways, it’s easier now than it was five years ago.

Step one is identifying the most useful social media platforms for small businesses right now. Instagram has become the king of that mountain. Facebook is still important, especially if you target the age group of 40 plus.

The less obvious platform is Google itself. Google My Business offers new ways to increase your performance in the highly competitive search results pages. A modern website is going to take advantage of this new situation.

Custom web development is a huge part of social media in 2020. Things like interactive quizzes and surveys are a great way to drive customer interaction, and they are “shareable” on social media platforms. With modern development, we can also build funnels that will capture more customer emails. In turn, this will drive more traffic back to the website. These are only a few ideas; the sky is the limit in this area.

Now Is a Great Time to Upgrade

In conclusion, 2020 has all the boxes checked for a year that makes sense to upgrade your web presence. Thanks for reading, and I’d love to speak with you about your next project soon.

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